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Raspberry Pi

A producer of educational computers that are used primarily to allow people to learn about computing itself, Raspberry Pi is a UK-based technology innovator. Their products are designed to allow people to solve problems and to have fun while doing so. For example, their educational products allow instant access to computing hardware and to creating digital solutions. Essentially, their products are modular so that children and adults can learn how to connect circuit boards together to form new computing options. As well as their famous miniature Raspberry Pi modules, they now have a number of expansion boards and other PCBs to add to them. In addition, the company produces accessories, such as its touch displays and wireless transceiver connectors, which allow individual Pi computers to work with external software systems, to communicate with the outside world over the internet, or both. Their computing equipment products can also be connected to third-party products so that they act as robotic controllers, or for controlling automation processes,for instance, thus enabling a fuller understanding of how many industrial procedures are undertaken with similar computer control systems.

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